“The First Show”

Story by Libby Keenan

a559325974_211594_3985Sunhall Harvestfest

There is a hum of activity at Sunhall tonight. Tomorrow a young student is setting out to her first show.
It brings back so many memories of younger days :)The excitement , the nerves, the dreams of red ribbons(blue for those of you south of the border :)) , the fun and the panic.It could be the farm around the corner or the Olympics , the feelings are the same.
The horse has been bathed (twice) rolled after first time! The braids are partly done , quite uneven , some fat , some thin but not bad first try.
The walk/trot test has been learned and relearned but could fly out the window any minute.
A list is made so we don't arrive sans bridle as  did first rider last season.
The new gloves are the white they never will be again no matter how much bleach goes in the wash. Hooves are oiled , tack is somewhat clean , had to be sponged off after explaining that soaping the seat makes it quite slippery 🙂
First aid kit fit for a Derby entry is loaded. The hay net is full , trailer hitch and tires , lights and brakes all tested. We'll be gone by 7.00 am and her classes will done by 11.00. Roughly a day and a half of non stop attention to the smallest detail for two five minute tests in the ring.
She is hoping for high point of the day , I will pleased be with the right diagonal 🙂
No matter how much we preach : have fun , this is just for experience yaydyayda....the weight of the moment is pulling her down and bouying her up to that place reserved for the night before one's first show. The night of endless possibilities , supreme hopes and fears.
I envy her , knowing full well the tears and the struggle , the ups and downs , victory and devastating defeat...I envy her still 🙂

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