Tack n’ Talk Real Rider Story: Meet Paulino Servado

Story by Larissa Cox

Unlike some who naturally feel into horseback riding, Paulino Servado started riding for a different reason:

"It all started with a project that I am currently working on for one of our major clients, the Federation Equestre International (FEI). I work for a digital agency in London called We Are Vi. We are responsible for the global Social Media strategy that will underpin the FEI's 'Year of Youth'. It's aim is to engage young people online and to promote equestrianism to them. We have conducted a 'discovery' period that covered the amazing equestrian presence that exists online. Which is how I found out about Tack n' Talk Blog via Twitter!

We realized that in order to better understand equestrianism, we had to get away from the computers and experience it in real life.  So we did!"

Paulino collageCheck out all of Paulino's riding adventures on We Are Vi's blog, The Chronicles of Beginner Horse Riders.

Have fun, and Happy Riding!

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  1. Thanks so much for adding us to your blog! As a humble beginner, it truly is an honor to have our efforts acknowledged by ‘real’ equestrians.

    We’ll make sure to keep you and your readers posted on any developments with the FEI’s Year of Youth social media campaign, as well as our journey to becoming full-fledged equestrians!

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