Q & A: Seat Savers


I am wanting to buy a seat saver as I injured my coccyx recently and long periods in the saddle can affect my position and I end up with a sore lumbar area.  What is available? - Lucy, Surrey 


A great product I discovered while  I was in the UK , is the suede Heather Moffatt Seatbone Saver designed by trainer Heather Moffatt when she developed bursal enlargements of the seat bones.  The foan inside the pad was developed for use in American military pilot's seats to withstand G-forces.  it moulds to the rider's shape helping the rider absorb the horse's movement.  It is great for back pain sufferers.

Another alternative, again discovered in the UK, is the Aerborn's magnetic back saver, a fabric garment with bones either side of the spine.  To help with blood circulation and promote healing, 2,000 magnets are carefully placed for deep penetrating magnotherapy.

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