Phantom’s Stable Mirror

On this Friday's Tack n' Talk "Hello Weekend" post, I mentioned I had installed a stable mirror (with help from my boyfriend, Tim) in my horse Phantom's stall.  Phantom took to the mirror right away, licking and cuddling with his "new best friend" :).

Here are some pictures of Phantom's new stable mirror:

stable mirror installationstable mirror installedphantom checking out the mirrorphantom loves mirrorphantom loves stable mirrorSince the stable mirror has been installed, Phantom has been weaving noticeably less.  I am hoping to see that vice go away completely.  I will post again in the future to let Tack n' Talk readers know how the stable mirror is working out for Phantom.


Earlier this year, January 2011, Phantom's acrylic mirror shattered.  Have no idea why, but it was found in pieces in his stall (Phantom was fine).  Within days, Phantom started his weaving.  Within a month (February 2011) Phantom's weaving was just as bad, if not worse than when I first installed the mirror!  The purpose of installing the mirror in the first place, was to see if Phantom's weaving behavior decreased as the studies show, and yes the mirror did almost eliminate Phantom's weaving.  Very soon after the mirror was installed, Phantom weaved considerably less and even when he was under stress (ie when it was time to get fed...yep that's his stress...what can I say) his weaving was minor almost eliminated.  After the mirror was removed, Phantom started his weaving with days to the point he just stood at the bars of his stall and was rocking back and forth!  Initially, I installed a 2 x 4 mirror, however, I replaced that mirror with a 2 x 2 size.  Good news it worked.  Phantom has again stopped his annoying behavior.

UPDATE:  August 02, 2011

Phantom really enjoys interacting with his mirror and once again the acrylic mirror broke and once again, Phantom has started with his annoying behavior.  So, a new purchase was made for another acrylic mirror.  This time the installation will be a bit different.  Instead of screwing it directly onto the stall wall, we are going to glue it to a sheet of plywood and then screw that onto the wall.  That way, we feel that Phantom won't be able to break the mirror when he plays with the good looking fella on the other side!

For those of you interested in reading  a study on mirrors and stall weaving/walking you can past this link.

Happy Riding! 😀


7 Responses

  1. Phantom is a lovely horse – I’d want to look in the mirror if I were that good looking too! Haven’t heard of the stable mirror before…sounds like an interesting idea! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be curious to know how he settles in to it.

  2. tackandtalk

    Thanks Molly – I’ll be sure to post updates soon 🙂

  3. What an interesting idea. I wouldn’t have thought to put a mirror in the stall. Is it made of metal or glass?

  4. tackandtalk

    It’s an acrylic mirror actually. 🙂 It’s great because it won’t break or hurt him.

  5. tackandtalk

    Yes, Phantom really enjoys his mirror. I have no idea who he thinks he is seeing, but all I can say, is that I need to clean the mirror often as he gets it so dirty!

  6. Dawn

    Where did u purchase the mirror I live in the USA and I can’t find a place to buy one here?

  7. tackandtalk

    Hi Dawn,
    I purchased the acrylic mirror through a children’s store. There are several online.

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