Hello Weekend! December theme: In Between

December has brought the cold, frost, and some snow!  Horses have been clipped, and have been rugged up for this temperature change.  Hopefully it will be a lovely white Christmas this year!

This month on TacknTalk, we explore the notion of  "being in between" and how it applies to horses and the equestrian.  "Being in between" can refer to a period of flux, or a transition from one state to the next.  How does one segway from being an avid competition rider, to strictly a horse enthusiast? How do horses transition from one career and life to the next?

The notion of  "in between" can also refer to a bond that unifies.  What is special between horse and rider? Is there motar that holds the equestrian community together?

Stay tuned as we explore and develop this concept in more depth this December!

Happy Riding!

Larissa and Libby

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