Hello Weekend

Wow . What a week. Too much to do , no time to do it.Ican't believe we are coming up on the second show tomorrow , leaving 4.00 Am. , for London , Ontario.

 My rider from blog post "The first Show" , came home very happy last time , with a Reserve Champion for the day.

  My concern however, since it was her first show is that the success she had seems to have made her a little smug. This is quite normal, so is the lesson that may follow regarding this. She had not worked quite as hard for this show. I think she is suffering from the all too familiar "it's in the bag" feeling.

 It's very hard to keep your edge after a first place test. There is an overwhelming feeling of having done the job already that makes it very hard to equal or beat that performance. I feel , a big part of showing is understanding the pyschology as it plays out in our minds and transmits to our horses through the process. I caution my riders that they can expect to take about 60% of their riding to the show with them.Time will tell how much of that they have taken to heart.

  My second rider is taking her first try at 3rd level recognized. She has been working like crazy and while on quite a small arab , they make a showy pair and should fare quite well.

  All of this plus minding the blog while Larissa is away in England checking out stables and schools for her Master's degree in Equine Science in the fall. Really she left all her darfts ready to go and all I had to do was log in and press publish so a wonderful blogging partner without a doubt.

  Hopefully next weekend I will have had time to view some artists and look the past the barn door a bit more but show season seems to take precedence over any sort of personal life. I have a feeling you all understand :)Cheers and have a great week , we have a terrific interview coming up Monday and then a good story Tuesday and Larissa will come home with piles of pics and fascinating tales to relate I'm sure so check in on us .Libby

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