Hello Weekend!

Is it Friday already?  The week went by so fast!  Nonetheless, here at Tack n' Talk, we have some interesting finds for all our readers 😀

Libby was enchanted by Clifford of Drummond Island this week.  He was "a crooked-legged runt gelding that eventually proved himself in hos own quirky way." You can read more about Clifford in two books, written and illustrated by his Mom, Nancy J. Baily, "Clifford of Drummond" and "Return to Manitou".  Follow Nancy and Clifford on twitter here.


Larissa has been brushing up on braiding for the upcoming show season.  She recommends the Lucky Braid videos and tools for learning to braid or improving your braiding technique.  Learning these braiding techniques from RuthAnn many years ago, Larissa has braided horses ever since with no cramped hands in record time.  The braids look fabulous and stay in longer.

Another braiding tip Larissa picked up:  if your horse has a black mane, try braiding with BLUE yarn for a little bit of pizazz in the show ring 😀


Happy Riding Everyone!

Libby Keenan and Larissa Cox 😀

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