Equestria Collections Discount Coupons For Our Tack and Talk Readers

I am very excited to announce that after collaboration with Chris Duggan,  President of Equestrian Collections, I am able to assemble great products to help YOU, the rider with all your equestrian needs.  I love Equestrian Collections!  It truly is a one stop shop for everything equine from top manufacturers around the world.  Thanks Chris for making such a wonderful online store!  Available only to Tack and Talk, Equestrian Collections is offering up to $15 off your purchase.  To get your coupon, log onto my Product Watch Page and just click on your coupon.  It's as easy as that.  Equestrian Collections has "Keep Cool" riding apparel as well as Fly Masks and Fly Sheets for your horses and ponies.

Equestrian Collections is the place that I shop.  Happy shopping - Larissa.

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