Dressage Weltmeyer has died

On July 9, 2011 Weltmeyer, the incomparable Dressage sire died.  He was 27 and was put to sleep following a bout of colic. 

Widley accepted as the most influential Hanoverian of all time, Weltmeyer leaves an incredible legacy with 86 licensed sons and 433 State Premium mares.  The chestnut sone of Wolrd Cup I sired more than 4,000 foals in his lifetime, winning 2.3 million Euros to date.  Some of his best known progeny include Wie Weltmeyer, Warum Nicht, Wolkentanz and Wolkenstein II.

"I knew ye was something special as soon as I saw him," remember Hermann Meyer.  "It is only once in a lifetime that you breed such a horse."

Weltmeyer's frozen semen is still on offer at the state stud in Celle, Germany and the stud will unveil a memorial foundation later in the year.

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