By: Larissa Cox

An incredibly rare breed of horse, the Unmol, comes from the northwest Punjab in India. Their name translates to “priceless” which makes it clear how important these animals were to the local people.

Unmol Horse

This breed is extremely rare and verging on extinction, if not already extinct. In spite of efforts made some years ago by the Army Remount Department to save the Unmol, it is doubtful that any purebreds are left. Some breeders in the Punjab states have horses referred to an Unmol, but it is believed that today all of them have Arabian blood. There are 4 different families of the Unmol breed, the Harna, The Hazziz, the Morna and the Sheehan.

The average height of the Unmol is 15.1 hands. They are predominately grey or bay in color. The Unmol is described as a very strong, elegant and shapely horse, possessing a long mane and tail with a compact body. Legend has it that Unmol horses were brought to the Punjab by Alexander the Great which means the Unmol probably has Turkoman roots.

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  1. Oregon Sunshine

    Very interesting! Sad if there are no more left, but that seems to happen with a lot of breeds from a lot of different species.

  2. Imran

    Due to enormous influence of Marwari and Kathiwari horses in india this breed became extinct, although marwari and kathiwari got refined specially in indian punjab. Both the breed were known to have week quarters and deep chested. However In Pakistan these very rare five breeds unknown to the world are still preserved although on the verge of extinction due to inter breeding.

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