Are you ready for winter – prepare the barn.

It's getting darker each day and also getting colder.  Now is a good time to prepare your barn for the cold spell around the corner.

Prepare the barn

  • Prepare for the worst — snow! While enjoying the crisp autumnal weather, it’s hard to remember last year’s snow and the difficulties it brought. However, the chances are that at some point this winter, we’ll get a sprinkling of snow, so it’s best to be ready for it. Order in grit now as it’ll turn to gold dust when the snow does arrive.
  • Now’s a good time to start putting stone in field gateways to stop them getting clogged up when the ground starts to get wet. When the mud sets in, old bedding (shavings work well) can be used to soak up some of the damp.
  • Did your water pipes freeze last year? Insulating them now will save you the hassle further down the line. If you electrical can take the load, consider purchasing heated buckets for those really cold winter nights.
  • Do you have rubber matting? If you don’t, seriously consider investing in some. Although it's an expense, it’ll really make a difference as winter wears on. Not only will it be warmer and more comfortable for your horse, it’ll make their stable easier to muck out too. It’s also worth considering having a deep litter bed and taking the wet out once a week to save time.

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