10 Things To Do With Your Horse

There are times when you just don’t want to go to the barn and ride around in a circle.  You are bored with doing the same thing day-in and day-out.  Here are just a few suggestions that will put a little fun in your life and keep your equine companion wanting more.

 1.        Teach your horse a trick:  There is nothing more satisfying than teaching your horse something that he never knew before.  Whether it is pulling a tissue from your pocket, learning to bow or learning to smile…it’s something new and fun for both you and your horse.

2.        Play with your horse on the ground:  You don’t have to be riding to enjoy your horse.  Groundwork is a wonderful way to have fun with your horse and keep your horse thinking whether it be walking over that tarp, playing with the soccer ball, looking in the mirror or jumping that fence. 

3.        Try another discipline:  So what if your dressage horse doesn’t know how to barrel race, it will be fun for both you and your horse.  You may not be good at it at all, but it’s a fresh experience for both you and your horse.

4.        Ride bareback:  Just think - going for a ride without a saddle.  This can perk up any bored horse and it will also fire you up too.  You’ll have to focus on all your senses and concentrate on your seat to communicate without using the bit and saddle.  This is not only refreshing for your horse but excellent for improving your riding ability.

5.        Just relax:  It's not always about riding.  Go for a walk in the field and relax.  Share a lunch with your horse, sit down while he grazes or just enjoy the time together.  If he's sleeping, why not sit down beside him or, how about a sleep over night in the stables.  Listen to the barn sounds and feel what it's like to be in your horse's home.

6.        Go fast!   If you generally ride in an arena or enclosed space then find somewhere open and really let your horse go!  It’s scary at first but horses love to run and I’m sure that both you and your horse will have a wonderful time!

7.        Ride in a group:  A riding arena is a lonely existence, let’s face it.  Go for a group trail ride, or ride in a group.  Not only is it a chance for your horse to socialize, it’s an opportunity for you to build better people friendships as well.

8.       Watch your horse run freely:  Nothing more enjoyable than watching your horse run freely, the dirt spraying, the speed and athleticism.  Make yourself comfortable.  Stay and watch for a while!

9.        Ride your horse along the beach:  Even if you don’t live near the coast you can take your horse to a local lake or river and ride there.  Splashing in the water is fun!

10.     Get a portrait made of your horse:  You don't have to have an event to go to and get dressed up.  Have a professional photographer come out one day and have a photo shoot.  You’ll enjoy the photos for years to come!  Or just maybe, get a portrait made of your special friend.  It will last you a lifetime and be a treasured memory.

Portrait of my horse Rio

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