Tack n’ Talk Real Rider Stories: Meet Jenny Sweedler

by Larissa Cox

At Tack n' Talk, we love hearing stories of how you were influenced by horses, and what impacted you about these gorgeous creatures to take up riding.  We will be having a regular feature called "Real Riders Stories" - your stories -  on our blog.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Jenny Sweedler of Plymouth, New Hampshire. Along with both being a fan of horses, she and I realized that we have the commonality of both riding BIG warmblood geldings! 😛

So, Jenny, how did you get into riding?

When I was a kid, we got a free lease of an older Shetland. We put her down when I was 12, and I can still remember it was a Monday afternoon. A horrible Monday in fact. After that, beyond summer camp, I had very little horse exposure. Then when I was a freshman in college I enrolled in the university horse class. Loved it. Lots of horse work plus book work (though I did not learn the sitting trot AT ALL). When I came back after that semester I had to take more lessons.
I hooked up with Steel Dust Farm and haven't looked back. I am now a working student there as well as really great friends with the owner (and the web designer). We often go riding in the mornings after finishing chores, before I go to my real job, in addition to weekly riding lessons.

Sounds like a lot of fun!
...I am not the most confident rider but my riding instructor pushes me to my limits and at the end of a lesson or ride my face is hurting with the smiles. 😀

Why do you love horses?
I love horses because of they way they smell and the way they feel and the way they respond. Some are like giant dogs, some like giant cats. I know horses that are happiest when they are not worked and some that are MISERABLE unless they are. They are such individuals, and while they are so huge, they are so delicate.

Which horses do you ride?

I have three horses that I ride that I would like to consider my own:
Wyatt was my lesson horse in 2007. Some great memories on him.


Errol is the perfect lesson horse. Perfect in that he reminds you that he knows WAY MORE ABOUT THIS than you do. If you do it right, you look Blue Ribbon perfect. If you do it wrong, he won't do it. He is an Oldenburg and is quite the gentleman. He is big at 17hh but is so smooth.



My third horse is "Big Eric."

He is a 17.3hh Hanoverian with a pretty rough past. He is completely a gentle giant who has no idea of how big he is. During shows, I can't hear the announcer because his canter is SO LOUD.
If I could be responsible for one horse for the rest of my life, I'd like it to be Eric.
Well Jenny it looks like you have great horses and wonderful opportunities at your barn!
I am so lucky in my barn because there are so many options that are open to me. I feel beyond blessed to be able to go to a horse farm every day.

Thanks you Jenny for sharing your story with us here at Tack n' Talk!

Want to know more about Jenny and her riding adventures?  Check out her blog, Book Embargo, here, and follow her on twitter here.

Happy riding everyone!

- Larissa 😀

We want to hear from more Real Riders!  Share your riding stories and pictures with us by emailing Larissa Cox and Libby Keenan at tackntalk@ymail.com!  Hope to hear from you soon 😀

2 Responses

  1. Libby Keenan

    Jenny , love the part about “hearing the canter” had a huge draftcross for 23 years , just lost him at 31, could never hear the judge , would just watch to see what everyone else did lol. Cheers. Libby

  2. Larissa, this was so fun to participate in your REAL RIDERS.

    Libby, I looked around and was confused and looked at my instructer, and she calls out, clear as day, “TROT!”
    How can I hear her but not the LOUDSPEAKER?
    It was pretty funny.

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