Hello Weekend: Which Lungeing Aid Would Benefit Your Horse?

Okay, it's still now cold outside in quite a few areas and many of us really don't feel like riding.  But did you know that lungeing is a time-saving workout that can be done during the off-season or when you can only grab a short respite between downpours.

According to  The Equine Therapy Centre at Hartpury College in Gloucester, England, this  is only true if you are lungeing your horse correctly and in an aid that is  appropriate to his level of training, his conformation and way of going.   Just because you've heard of a system, or a friend uses it, doesn't mean that you should run out and buy it.  Find out what different lungeing aids can do for your horse, where to buy  them and how much they cost before making that buying decision.

The Pessoa Lungeing System

Manufacturer’s  claim: creates a fluid contact. Its sympathetic ropes and pulleys  encourage the horse to use the correct muscles and to work in the perfect  shape.
I must admit that I use it to
 limit extension of the  hind leg, lower the head and neck if placed low, or compress the neck if set  higher.

Manufacturer’s  claim: helps the horse to step under from behind, using his back and  lifting his shoulders, working into a soft, equal contact.  
Again, I own this system and I use it to limit extension of hind limb and lower head and  neck.  The EquiAmi comes with a How-To DVD and it is recommended to watch the video before use.

Bungee reins/side  reins
Bungee reins and side reins are widely available and used to:  lower head and neck and inhibit forward movement of the head.

Side  reins to: depending on placement, encourage lowering of head and neck or simply restrict movement to aid control.

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