My 5-Minute Coach

By Larissa Cox

With the advent of internet technology, it only stands to reason that the birth of coaching via the internet arrived.  The idea is simple.  Take a video of yourself, upload it to a site, choose a coach and be coached.


Taking a video using iPhone technology is simple!

That is exactly the process that Cara Murphy founder of My 5-Minute Coach launced. On the website, My 5-Minute Coach, you will find an exciting new coaching forum available to you 24 hours a day.

One of the best mediums for students to gain access to top coaches across the country without having to leave the comfort of your sofa at all hours of the day is internet coaching.  One might think that coaching and being coached via video might be a little strange, but it is a wonderful opportunity in which to gain insight and direction in your equestrian discipline.  You may be struggling with a problem, not have the availability of a coach in your field, perhaps you are not able to afford the fee for an entire riding lesson or perhaps you would just like to get a second opinion and this forum provides just that.

Why 5 minutes? According to Cara Murphy of My 5-Minute Coach, coaches have a lot to say after watching a 5 minute video of you.  In fact, you get well over 5 minutes worth of input back from them.  My 5-Minute Coach wanted to provide students with a forum to get valuable, in-depth feedback and the focused 5-minute video seemed the right avenue.

Students wanting a coach can read the coaches profiles and then make the selection of the coach they want.  They then take a 5-minute video of themselves where they would like feedback and upload that video to the site.  Then, the selected coach will then dub comments over the video uploading their feedback to the site where everyone can watch and learn. It’s an exciting process.

Coaches are hand selected by either a personal invitation or by an application process with credentials carefully reviewed prior to introducing the coach on the forum. Each coach has a bio that includes information about their credentials. Coaches will also list their specialty coaching areas in their bios. If you need help with something specific (and remember, focusing on ONE specific area will lead to a more in-depth coaching session), find a coach who specializes in your "problem" area. Coaches are allowed to charge whatever they feel is fair for 5 minutes of their time (and in reality, they typically spend more like 30 minutes reviewing your video, thinking about feedback, and reviewing it again).

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