Hot Horse Exercise #4

Hi and welcome back to Hot Horse Exercises.  Hope you enjoy this Loopy "B" Exercise.  Feel free to send me a comment as I'd love to hear from you.



Start this exercise at the walk.  Walk down the long side, turning at the corner as if to make a circle, but instead angle back to the rail.  Go straight for a stride or two at the rail and then angle back out and circle around towards your starting point.  This exercise is ideal for the hot horse and it improves on the bending and straightening of your horse while prompting your horse to “listen” rather than to assume he’s to make a full circle.  When riding this exercise, try and make each end of the loops the same size and shape. This is an excellent exercise for your hot horse!

Keep this exercise simple by riding it in the walk or trot.  It can be made more challenging by riding it in the canter at the counter-canter or changing leads on the straight line in the center.  Remember to use your outside leg and rein to move your horse laterally back to the rail in a forward and sideways movement. 

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