Hot Horse Exercise #3

Hello and welcome back to our Hot Horse Exercise Post.  Here is another excellent exercise to teach your hot horse a simple but valuable lesson:  To ride without using the support of the rail.

Off The Rail Rectangle

Rather than staying directly on the rail or arena wall, ride a parallel path about 10 feet to the inside of the arena wall.  In using this technique, it teaches you to keep your horse straight between the reins as you have no rail to guide or support you or your horse.  Riding off the rail also teaches your horse to listen to your cues rather than just coasting along the rail and doing whatever he wants.

To be successful in this exercise, start at a walk, then move along to the other gaits.  You can make it more challenging by varying your speed along the straightaways and collecting at the short end.  This will teach your horse to increase/decrease his speed without excitement and also will help develop this muscles he needs for future collection work.

Good luck!

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