What your horse does when you’re running late!

Published by Horse and Hound:  March 30, 2016

Yes, we have all been there…you’re in a hurry and your horse decides to make life really difficult. Walking slower than you thought possible to covering your clothes in a striking green slime, here are just a few things your horse enjoys doing when you’re running late.


  1. Have wet mud where his girth, saddle and bridles goes.  In fact, mud is everywhere even underneath his blanket.  How?!
  2. Not let you catch him.  Of course you enjoyed that three mile power walk this morning!
  3. Be at the very far end of the field looking at you as you walk all the way to get him, pretending he hasn’t heard nor seen you!
  4. Trash that electric fencing – one strand isn’t enough.  Mass destruction is mandatory and if he can get all the horses in the pasture to do the same – even better!
  5. Cover your clothes in green slime – particularly if you are wearing a pale colour and have an important event to attend!
  6. Have a fat leg which requires cold hosing – a lengthy amount of cold hosing!
  7. Hidden poo.  On first inspection the stable looks remarkably clean.  You only seem to find said hidden poo near the completion of mucking out and then you find loads of it.
  8. Walk very, very slowly when being led to and from the field.  The more you say “come on” the slower they go!
  9. Stick his head so high in the air you can’t get the bridle over his ears!
  10. Eats his meal slower than you thought physically possible!
  11. Lose a shoe.  This usually happens while schooling so that you have to then scour the arena for the blasted thing before you can leave and it is NEVER in the first place you look!
  12. Have a spook-athon when hacking resulting in a lot of dramatic halt and rein back with loads of immobility and snorting like a dragon.
  13. More poo!  Everywhere…
  14. Basically, when you’re running late, just realize your horse knows!



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