Some Vets Are Wanting Homeopathy Out!

A policy that states homeopathy, including essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, massage and chiropractic, among other approaches, is an ineffective practice and that its use as a veterinary therapy be discouraged is being voted on voted on this winter at The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) House of Delegates which has representatives from nearly every state and a dozen or more allied group.

Resolution 3, which was submitted by the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), proposed this document. This resolution was supported by an anonymous white paper that was predominantly a reiteration of policies from medical organizations demanding that the use of methods and treatments be supported to a scientific standard. However, the white paper did not provide any explanation as to why homeopathy is a problem, merely it emphasized the lack of sound research supporting it.

The House of Delegates voted (majority vote) to refer the resolution to the Executive Board, with recommendation to refer it to the Council on Veterinary Services for consideration in the spring.  This issue will once again be on the table this spring.

It is the obligation of veterinarians to prevent and relieve the suffering of animals by consulting with clients on available treatment methods. If Resolution 3 is passed, the AVMA challenges the potential benefits of alternative medicine and treatments, which are not backed by indisputable evidence.

Homeopathy is certainly not a cure-all but neither is conventional medicine. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Whether you use homeopathy or not, please support the right to choose therapies that work for our companion animals.

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  1. If a caretaker is trying to find relief for their animal’s health issues, just like their own, their options should not be limited by others’ opinions. Many people make a living providing equine massage, chiropractic, etc.. Vets should not put them out of business, any more than M.D.’s should put human homeopathic providers out. It’s still a free country.

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