Signs of a horse addict!

Initially published by Horse and Hound:  8 October, 2014

1. You can only assume that when others talk about “spare income” they’re referring to their “equestrian kit budget”

2. When you tread on a nail after the farrier’s visit, you avoid the doctor’s by poulticing your foot, securing it neatly with vetwrap

3. You’ve been known to use Mane and Tail in lieu of conditioner

4. You are never without minor bruises you can’t precisely explain — most probably the work of barn door hinges, wheelbarrow handles and pitchforks

5. You’re yet to see a physio about your sciatica. Your horse, however, has monthly visits from his

6. At least one of your limbs is set slightly funny — a subtle reminder of a childhood fall (which absolutely was not the pony’s fault)

7. You have a dustpan and brush for your horse’s stable, but none in the house

8. Your equine has 17 blankets in total. You, meanwhile, have one barn coat that is no-longer waterproof, and two non-barn coats — both of which need the lining sewn up

9. You happily pay $100 to get your horse clipped, but reckon that’s extortion at the hairdressers

10.  You believe that anyone would have to be a primadonna to buy themselves a new pair of shoes every other month at $200 a pop.  Your horse, on the other hand, obviously can't go longer than 5 weeks

12. Last Valentine’s Day, your loved one bought you a super-duper wheelbarrow (a gift you count as one of the best you’ve ever received)

13. On arrival at a party, you’re every friend’s go-to person for reverse-parking their car into the most unfeasibly small of spaces— they’ve seen you at the helm of that horse trailer

14. Even though you can’t ride them (and others think you’re crazy) you keep 2 retired equines who cost more than your rent because you could never put down a horse who wasn’t suffering

15. You look at your Kellogg's Cereals and think: “My horse would love this!”

16. That annoying itch behind your knee, under your tights, is actually a stray piece of hay

17. You can’t remember a time before horses. And you can’t imagine life without them!

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