Hello Weekend!


No, we don't mean that nice healthy salad you had for lunch. We mean those noxious weeds that diminish the look and quality of your farm and even around your house.  You can kill weeds without a guilty eco-conscience with this easy non-toxic, homemade herbicide recipe for spray bottles or tank sprayers:

1 gal. white vinegar
1 oz. insecticidal soap concentrate (found at home and garden centers)

Combine in a tank sprayer. Choose a calm, clear day (when rain is not predicted for at least 12 hours) and spot spray weeds.

This chemical-free concoction will also help reduce non-point source pollution: water runoff that carries natural (urine, manure), and manmade (pesticides, chemicals) pollutants that are eventually deposited into ground water, ponds, and lakes.

"Protecting drinking and surface water quality is our number one issue in the world today," says Alayne Blickle, program director for Horses for Clean Water. "Reducing non-point source pollution should be a horse owner's first goal when they go green."

For those of you who are fortunate to board your furry friends, this herbicide works wonders on all those ugly looking weeds growing in and around your flower beds, driveways and walkways around your home.  Now that the weekend is upon us - Go forth and spray!

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