Flower Essences – Behaviour Modification in a Bottle?

Article written by Botanical Animal

To start, let’s correct a common misperception: Flower essences are not the same as aromatherapy. Unlike the fragrant oils used in aromatherapy, flower essences have no scent, and can be safely taken internally.

Equilite Flower Essences

Nicknamed by Botanical Animal, ‘behavior modification in a bottle,’ flower essences are used to balance and harmonize issue-specific emotional or psychological states. Or as a training aid, by removing barriers that can distract an animal’s focus on its handler.

Each essence contains the sun-infused, liquid energy of healthy flowers picked at the peak of bloom and captured in pure water. This ‘potentized’ liquid is called a mother essence. It only takes a few drops of mother essence, added to water and a preservative, like brandy or vinegar, to create a blend addressing a behavioral, emotional, or training issue.

Essences are most effective when applied on the tongue, in drinking water, or on a hard treat.  Drops can be placed orally in the animal’s mouth via an eye dropper (thoroughly rinse the dropper after use as this will reduce contamination should it come into contact with the mouth), added to a water bowl/bucket (change fresh water daily for best results and replenish with the essence), or put in a spray bottle, filled with purified or spring water, and misted directly into the air around the nose, muzzle and/or paws, or over a favorite toy, bedding, or blanket. Cats do well if you rub the essences into the upper part of their ears.

If food is the quickest way to your animal’s heart, then flower essences can be put on their favorite treat. It’s best to use on yummies that will not quickly absorb the value of the essence (like carrots or apples). The least-preferable way to use essences is mixed into food since you do not want them being absorbed by their stomach as opposed to the mucus membranes of the mouth

When is it appropriate to use flower essences? Essentially, when your animal is under stress or out of focus. Behavior modification is about finding balance between your animal and its world.

“I have experienced great outcomes with flower essences,” says one Virginia three-day eventing rider. “These essences have allowed me to take the edge off certain horses’ personality traits, to assist in helping them understand what I’m asking for.”

Another eventing rider, from Massachusetts, found it hard to adapt her “hot” mare to new surroundings. Flower essences made all the difference in getting her horse to relax quickly and pay attention, and it showed in their performance scores.

Botanical Animal Flower Essences are easy to administer, safe to use during competition, and will put the bloom back in your horse or pet’s behavior. The essences are issue-specific, not animal or species-specific, and can be used on animals of all ages.  

Horse and pet owners don’t need Aladdin and his genie to find a solution to bad or upsetting behavior. Thanks to flower essences, finding the better nature of your horse or pet is as close as nature itself. Bottled essences require very little shelf space, making it easy for homes and barns to stock an array of these training tools, tailored to each animal and/or situation.

To learn more about flower essence visit www.equilite.com/product-flower-essences.asp.

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