Has Your Horse Been Naughty or Nice?

It came upon a midnight clear that all the horses stared at the most magnificent starry night, nickered at the marvel of it all, and then quietly hoofed it back to their barn and hay-filled mangers. There was much gratifying chewing and then the eldest and wisest mare began to tell the story of how her ancestors — and particularly her long distant cousin, the donkey — were there on that special day that we now celebrate as Christmas.


Who’s to say that horses don’t have dreams of molasses cake, Jolly balls, oatmeal cookies, hot bran mash, new cozy blankets and candy-cane mints?

And, as owners, we are only too happy to oblige. Interesting enough, a British study revealed that 97 per cent of horse owners included their equines on the Christmas shopping list.

Personally, my Christmas Day always includes the barnyard critters. The horses get extra ear rubs and more hay than usual and a special bran mash.  I tend to take my time doing the barn chores, as it gives me a warm glow to have them savour their meal in a cozy and clean mess hall.  There's nothing like a barn for that warm and fuzzy feeling!

So whether it’s tossing an extra flake of hay, fluffing some extra bedding, lingering just a little longer in the barn, riding your horse while hauling home the Christmas tree, or humming a favourite carol while cleaning the paddock, from my barn to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

- Larissa - Merry Christmas Everyone!

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