Grooming Tip

Please enjoy this grooming tip from Polly Haselton Barger, CHA Program Director

Horses that live on pasture often come in during the autumn/winter months looking like unicorns because their forelock and manes are matted with burrs.

Removing these burrs can be difficult, and certain types can make your fingers quite sore.  However, here's a quick tip:  they will come out easily if you soak the area with some sort of coat conditioner (I like Show Sheen, although baby oil is also effective).  Let it soak in for a few minutes, then just use a mane comb to remove the burrs.  This works on the horses' coat as well as the mane and tail.

To minimize burrs attaching to your horse, you can routinely apply the detangler during the burdock season, or you can use a hair conditioner product. Shampoo your horse's mane, forelock and tail.  Rinse thoroughly then apply the conditioner.  Work it in well and let it sit on the hair for a few minutes to really soak in, then rinse.  A conditioned mane and tail will be less likely to hold burrs and it will be easier for you to remove the few that do attach.

Do you have any grooming tips that you want to share?  If so, post a comment and I'll put it up on the blog.

Happy Grooming,  Larissa  🙂

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