Automated Slow Feeders

Presented by:  Larissa W. Cox, M.Sc. Applied Equine Science

As horse owners, we are always on the hunt for methods that will ease our horse maintenance burden and yet provide the benefits to our horses.  Feeding our horses is one  issue that not only demands consistency in feeding times, but it does take quite a bit out of our day.  To reduce this burden, horse owners are now demanding automated systems.   Ideally, we want a system that will dispense hay, grain and supplements on a regular basis.  Must be weather proof and horse proof!  We would also like to be able to fill this system up as infrequently as possible.  Oh, and yes, it has to run on battery power and the cost must be reasonable.

As yet, I have not been able to find any system that fulfills all my wants, but there are some products on the market that warrant discussion.

One such product is the Equine Automation Feed Dispenser which is a programmable product that has up to 5 programmable feed times and is good for both outdoor and indoor use.  Although I personally have not used this product,  but what I find that  is unique about this system is that it has the ability to dispense varying portions and feed combinations such as grain, hay cubes, chopped forage and supplements.  It is 100% weather proof and is designed for year round use.  It is battery operated, but does have the capability to add a solar charging panel.

At a price of $549 for 2013, requires the owner to fill the unit on a daily basis.  The true advantage of this system is the diversity of feed combinations that can be programmed.


First designed in 2009, the original unit was designed to aid in the treatment of their own horse who suffered from Insulin Resistance and Cushing’s Disease.  Now the Feed Dispenser is available for sale for those owners wishing to care for their animal in the best possible way.


For more information on this product, contact Equine Automation - tell them that Tack and Talk sent you!

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