Choosing the RIGHT equestrian equipment.

Let's face it,  you love horses or someone in your family does!  Whether riding is just a once-in-awhile pastime or whether it will be a serious competitive venture , it is one of the ways that can de-stress, relax and keep you fit.  Horses can be enjoyed by the young and the old alike, but taking up an equestrian hobby is more than just riding!

Caring for a horse can be extremely rewarding, however many people believe that caring for a horse is fairly simple when it can actually be quite difficult and take up quite a bit of time. While there are many experienced individuals in this field, most horse owners only know the basics of equine care. Proper shelter, good food and proper tack supplies are all necessities for a horse to be safe, comfortable and healthy and it is important to provide these necessities in a consistent and comprehensive manner but the equipment used to ride or drive your horse are important factors to the wellbeing of your partner.

Horse tack refers to all of the accessories and equipment worn by a horse when it is being ridden or used to drive a cart. Bridles, saddles and their accompanying parts, such as, halters, martingales, breast plates, and harnesses, are all different forms of horse tack. Halters, bridles and head collars are all equipment that include various straps arranged around the animal's head and are applied in different manners in order to control and communicate with the horse.  Many riders neglect to size the bit for the horse not knowing that this can cause issues.  This is a very important part of equestrian equipment, so don't just think that any size or shape of bit will do.

When buying this equipment, safety must be your utmost priority. Appropriately fitted equipment for your horse will ensure that the animal is comfortable and happy. An unhappy horse will most certainly affect your safety.  Always select equestrian equipment that is made from durable, high-quality materials and has been crafted by experts. This will undoubtedly give you not only a truly professional look and appearance, but also give you that comfort and assurance that everything is going to perform as it is supposed to, during those critical moments. We must always remember that whether you are riding casually or in competition, safety is a big concern here.

As for the rider, you must have these two very important pieces of equipment. They are the helmet and the boots. A good helmet will protect your head in case of a fall while the boots ensure that your feet do not slip through the stirrups that could lead to you being dragged by the horse. Choose your equestrian clothing with care as well. You put every effort into making sure that your horse looks sharp, so you should also concentrate on your stunning appearance as well. Also bear in mind that if your clothing do not fit correctly it could be a safety hazard. The minimum items that you need when it comes to equestrian clothing are boots, socks, possibly spurs, jodhpurs, chaps, gaiters, shirts, jackets and helmets. You might consider additional, performance related attire if your goal is to explore your horse’s real equestrian capabilities and show.

Some of the most important equestrian equipment is designed to help you keep your horse in good condition at all times.. your grooming supplies. As far as grooming equipment is concerned, you will need brushes, sponges, combs, scrapers and blades and should educate yourself about how to use these items for proper grooming and maintenance, year round. Temperature and weather can be problematic for horses and you should select from the appropriate blankets and sheets, or rugs to protect them, especially in bad weather.  Read my article on appropriate weather blanketing to give you an idea of what weight of blanket to use when.

With equestrian sport gaining more attention in many parts of the world, there has been a growing influx of riding equipment in the market. When you are looking to invest in your very own set of equestrian equipment, it is important to focus on the quality that will offer you durability, practicality and safety. Having the right equipment will definitely enhance your riding experience!

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