CONTEST: Bran Mash Madness


We are almost at the end of our contest and we are awaiting your comments! Send in those mash recipes.  And, if you don't use a mash, no problem...just write a comment, don't be shy!

Mash Myths: So you think a mash is only for winter consumption.  Well, actually you are wrong.  Deco's Monster Mash can be given all year round.  During the summer weather add cold water instead of hot and let stand for a little longer.  This mash is really good for hydration which is very important during the hot summer days.  Also, giving a mash during a show is a great way in aiding hydration and horses will always eat their mash when not eating their typical food.

Larissa reviewed this product earlier this year:

Not only is this mash yummy, all-natural and nutritious, it also aids in hydration which is so critical to maintain in our competitive companions!

To read the full article, go to Deco's Monster Mash Product Review!

We've made this contest very easy for you.  Send in your comments using the "comment" link below!  We will be selecting our winner at random, so everyone has a chance to win!

Larissa and Libby

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  1. Madeline Wonsick

    I Have fed my quarter horse Monster Mash many times and he is in love!! I live in st.pete Florida were it is Hott! And feeding this to my horse during a hot day makes him feel so much better.He definalty loves Monster Mash and likes his bowl clean every time!

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