Child Starter Kit

If your child will be taking up horseback riding soon, you will need some essential equipment. The kit assembly below makes it easy for you to get prepared for that first lesson - so all you need to worry about is charging up your digital camera!


A proper ASTM/SEI approved helmet is mandatory for horseback riding - a bicycle helmet just does not protect the head adequately enough from falls off a horse. Some riding schools provide a helmet, however purchasing a helmet is a good idea in any case, so that proper fit is insured, as well as ease of mind regarding transferable head conditions like lice.

Helmet Cover

Helmets can be personalized for easy identification, as well as kept clean with helmet covers.  Your child will also enjoy having a fun and unique cover they can show off to their friends at the barn.


A proper riding boot with a heel is also mandatory when horseback riding.  A flat soled shoe like running shoes, or even rain boots can slip through a stirrup and cause the foot to become caught.  This is extremely dangerous when riding, causing a rider to become seriously injured.  Keep your child safe by having them ride in a proper pair of riding boots.

Boots with zippers rather than laces can be easier to put on and off, as well as prevent tripping when walking around the barn.


Riding breeches are made without inner seams, as well as protective knee patches.  This prevents saddle rubs and sores in the inner knee.  Keep your child riding happy with a great pair of breeches.

Safety Vest

A child learning to ride will probably eventually fall off a horse, which can be scary and potentially cause injury.  A good safety vest can help cushion a fall and help prevent injuries from being serious.  Buying a safety vest is even more important if your child is just learning to jump.

Grooming Kit

Although most riding schools provide grooming supplies for horses, you may decide it is easier and more effective to use your own grooming equipment.  Additionally, your own grooming kit may be necessary if you are using a friend's horse or leasing a horse.

This Roma Grooming Kit is good because it contains all the essential grooming equipment - so adding on won't be necessary.  Additionally, unlike some other grooming kits, a carry case with a lid, is included.  This means easy storage, without the risk of tools falling out or getting lost.