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Training Tuesday: Think “Exercise” not “Criticize”

Think “Exercise” not “Criticize” From the Horse’s Mouth by Erik Herbermann It is more effective to keep the horse’s mind on the work by making clear, simple, doable requests, such as: “Do this… (specific request), rather than saying useless, purposeless things like, “Listen to me!” or, “Pay attention!” Furthermore, negative requests, those that start with no or...

Riding Wisdom – Problems with the Counter-Canter

Kottas On Dressage by Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg (Author), Julie Rowbotham (Contributor), Aug, 2010
A common problem with the Counter-Canter is breaking and the horse becoming disunited (cross-canters).  The usual causes to this is a lack of balance, either from the rider, horse or perhaps both.
  • Rider tension can...