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Manure a problem?

By Larissa Cox

There are many challenges facing the horse industry today, but one that seems to be discussed often is manure disposal.

Manure disposal, including both the solid and liquid portions of waste, is comprised of approximately 60% solids and 40% urine. ...

HELLO WEEKEND: White Horse Dilemma!


By: Larissa Cox

As an owner of a predominately white horse, I am obsessed with finding a good stain remover.  It seems that the DNA that causes horses to be white, also makes those horses seek out whatever mud or manure is in the area! At least that is the case with my...

Equine Cancer

Written by L.A. Pomeroy (Holistic Horse)

Breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancers are common in humans. Do they occur in horses, too?

October is breast cancer awareness month and, according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among US women. Behind...

Horse have an Attitude?

thumbnailCAISI3GB      I recall one of the wisest sayings I ever learned regarding the training of horses. A coach of mine for many years, the late Major David Pardoe, often used to say "never pick a fight you can't win." Over the years I have come...