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No Hoof, No Horse: Internal Structure

In our last article, we discussed the exterior structures of the hoof.  Today we will be discussing the internal structures of the hoof.  There are two and a half bones inside the hoof:   the Pedal bone, the Navicular bone and the bottom half of the Short Pastern bone.   

Giant Hogweed spreading in Canada

Trail riders are being warned to look out for a dangerous, invasive plant that can cause third-degree burns. The Nature Conservancy of Canada says giant hogweed is one of Canada’s most dangerous plants. The non-native plant grows up to six metres in height and has large clusters of white flowers at the top. Its clear, toxic...

No Hoof, No Horse: External Structure

The horse’s hoof is a miracle of engineering.  The off structures which operate in balance with each other to form the hoof capsule is capable of withstanding huge forces while protecting to the sensitive structures beneath.  In this article, Tack and Talk will help you understand more about the hoof, an...

No Hoof, No Horse

We have all heard the old saying “No Hoof, No Horse.”  Many of us take this lightly until disaster strikes, and then, we think back to all the “Should haves” we could have done.  Whether your horse is a backyard companion or an international competitor, healthy feet are an essential part of your horse’s overall...