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A Bit of a Journey

By:  Traci Gagne [caption id="attachment_2459" align="aligncenter" width="264"] Traci and Omega[/caption]

I was blessed with a gift of a horse at age 25, it was a dream come true and a lot of work ahead of me.  All I knew about horses was that they can...

What’s Lurking in the Water – Understanding Blue-Green Algae

Weather and water conditions in many parts of the country have created or will create conditions favorable for the rapid growth of blue-green algae. Please be on alert with your horses, other animals and yourselves, and use precaution around water sources. These single-celled organisms are actually algae-like bacteria instead of being true algae and are also...

Does My Senior Horse need Calories or Protein?

There are some common questions come up when we talk about what happens to horses as they age and why their bodies change shape:
  • Does my good old horse need more calories (energy) or more protein?
  • He is out on good pasture and is holding his weight, but his hair coat looks dull and he...