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Outbreak Alert – Rabies (Seattle, Washington)

A case of rabies was recently reported in a Bat in Seattle, Washington. Among wild animals, the disease is most often reported in skunks and raccoons but is also found in bats and foxes,1,2 and usually is transmitted from the saliva of an infected animal into a bite wound.1 Every case of rabies presents a death sentence...

Hello Weekend!

POUR VINEGAR ON THOSE GREENS! No, we don't mean that nice healthy salad you had for lunch. We mean those noxious weeds that diminish the look and quality of your farm and even around your house.  You can kill weeds without a guilty eco-conscience with this easy non-toxic, homemade herbicide recipe for spray bottles or...

Passion Flower

This herb was named by the Spanish explorers because the beautiful white and pink/purple flowers reminded them of The Passion of Christ.  This flower was widely used in native North and Central American herbal traditions as it has a sedative and tranquilizing property.