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Does My Senior Horse need Calories or Protein?

There are some common questions come up when we talk about what happens to horses as they age and why their bodies change shape:
  • Does my good old horse need more calories (energy) or more protein?
  • He is out on good pasture and is holding his weight, but his hair coat looks dull and he...

Horse’s Ears

Horses ears are wonderful things. A delicate set of muscles surrounding the ears allow the horse to express emotion and focus hearing to specific locations. Their ears have evolved to be one of the horses greatest assets for survival and communication, they have 10 muscles per ear to independently rotate the ears...

LASER THERAPY…what is it?

Laser therapy, a very popular therapy in the UK, seems to be now gaining recognition in North America.  Laser is  an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Lasers, have been best known for their ability to cut and have been used in the medical field for surgery. ...