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Is Your Horse Losing Muscle Mass? Try Amino Acids!

Choosing the right horse feed is something many horse owners wrestle with.  Selecting the right horse feed can be difficult.  Over the next few posts, Tack and Talk will be talking about specifics in horse feed. In many equine nutrition articles, protein quality and essential amino acids are referred to,  but what does this actually mean? ...

Book Review: The First Vet by Linda Chamberlain

Two hundred years ago one of the world’s first vets spoke out against animal cruelty but his work was condemned – now he’s being given a second chance to change the future for the horses he loved thanks to a page-turning new novel called The First Vet.

Bracy Clark, who joined the...

Winter feeding tips!

Cold weather, rain, snow and grazing low in nutrients — the winter months can prove to be a feeding challenge, but these tips can help keep your horse in top conditions.

Older horses, particularly those with poor teeth, can struggle in the winter and lose condition dramatically. Soaked high-fibre...