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Hack Safety

Written by:  Larissa Cox

Now that summer is here, we all think about hacking and it seems each time we are out for longer periods,  going further in search of  new places.  There is nothing better than tacking up and going out for a relaxing hack with friends or on your own.  The change of...

Test the bit before you buy!


"Which bit is the right one for my horse"? Every rider, including myself,  has asked themselves this question which is often followed by investing a fortune, as every bit can work differently for each horse and rider.  No doubt you have also purchased the...

Spring Trailer Check

By Libby Keenan With special thanks to Marilyn Fahringer for the following tips!

Springtime Trailer Check

Now should be the time to have your trailer checked over before the show/clinic season starts. Hopefully you "winterized" your trailer last fall, ie: pulling all...